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What is Fone Shepherd?

GPS Tracking

Fone Shepherd uses the latest in phone and web technology to allow you to monitor the safety of your family or loved ones. It allows you to see where they currently are, and where they've been. Imagine feeling at peace when your children are travelling by themselves, going hiking, going to a party or even just going to school.

There's no need to buy, or carry, additional hardware as it runs on your existing cell phone. Fone Shepherd is able to not only approximate your position using cell towers, but if you have a GPS in your phone then you will get EXACT locational information.

When you sign up to Fone Shepherd, you can add numerous phones too your account. This means you will be able to monitor your whole family from a single screen. Each phone can be put on a different plan, depending on how often you need the location information sent, and how long you want to retain the data.

You are able to give each of your phone users an individual login if required, so they are able to see the information that is being gathered. Each phone user will be able to have a list of buddies, where each buddy can see where the other is, or has been. Your buddies can exist not only between phones on your account, but also with other account holders.

Marker information

Fone Shepherd info windowNot only is the locational information sent by your phone, each marker will tell you -

  • Speed - see how fast your employees are travelling
  • Battery Life - to see if the phone will soon turn off
  • Signal Strength - gives an marker accuracy indication
  • Altitude - Great for looking at the markers in 3d mode

Supported Phones

GPS enabled phone

Unlike some other phone tracking applications, Fone Shepherd is not carrier specific. This means that all you need is a compatible phone that can get on the internet. Take a look at our supported phones list for further information.

How to get started

1 Register an account. You can always add extra phones after you register, or even change your phones' plan.

2 Install the phone application. Follow the instructions on the 'Settings' page after you log in.

phone application3 Launch the application on your phone and start using. You will prompted to enter a username and password.

4 To monitor the phone(s), log in to the Fone Shepherd website and go to the 'Finder'.

Website layout

Initially you'll see the latest points by all your phones and buddies. You can refine the markers by selecting only specific phones, and adjusting the time scale, or even specifying specific time ranges.

How much is it?

FREE! That's right, we have a free account, but we also have a number of other full featured options available too, depending on your needs. Take a look at our plans to see what will be suited to you.