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Q. Can I track a phones that have already been lost or stolen?

A. No. To begin tracking your phones, you will first need to install our phone application. If your phone is lost or stolen after you have the phone application installed, then you will be able to track its location.

Q. Will my battery life be affected?

A. Yes. The GPS in your phone uses a significant amount of battery life. Fone Shepherd has configuration options to allow you to adjust how often the GPS is used.

Q. How accurate will my location be?

A. Assuming your phone has a built in GPS, the accuracy will depend on the GPS. Typically, you can expect the accuracy to be within 1 metre when the phone has a clear view of the sky. Indoors, dense forests, or in severe weather, you should expect the accuracy to be significantly reduced.

Q. Will Fone Shepherd work in Africa?

A. All Fone Shepherd requires is an internet connection, and for you to be running a compatible phone. Almost all phones these days can get to the internet internet. is not carrier specific, so it doesn't matter who you are connected to, which also means that you can take your phone anywhere in the world that has signal and it will still track you. Obviously, for accurate tracking, your phone will need to either have an inbuilt GPS, or be paired with an external GPS unit.

Q. What are "master account priviledges"?

A. One phone in your account must be set to have master account priviledges. By default, this will be the first phone that you registered. When logging on to the website with these priviledges, the user will be able to configure the settings of any phones in the account. They will also be able to view, and modify, the buddy list of every phone in the account.

If you wish to only have a master account for viewing only purposes (ie you may want to track your employees, but not yourself), then simply setup a 'free' phone account for yourself and use this as the master account.

Q. How do I cancel my account?

A. Log to the website and click on Accounts, then click on Remove Phone. On the window that pops up, you will see an option at the bottom that will Terminate your Fone Shepherd account. Click on this.

Q. What is a buddy?

A. A Buddy is another Fone Shepherd user that you pair up with so you can see each other's location. You can pair up with as many buddies as you like. To pair up with a buddy, you will need each other's Login Name and Buddy Codeword.

Q. How much data will Fone Shepherd use?

A. Fone Shepherd will use approximately 0.25 kb per location point. So, if you were sending 1 point every 15 minutes on a windows mobile phone, running 9am to 5.30pm each day, Fone Shepherd would only use approximately 8kb per day.

Q. How do I stop my phone from continually prompting to "send or receive data"?

A. Every phone is slightly different. Below is a guide for the most common types of phones -

Device model: Nokia S40 (e.g. 6300)
Go to Applications >> Collection. Highlight over 'Fone Shepherd'.
1. Select 'Options' >> 'Network access'. Set the settings to 'Ask first time only'.

Device model: Nokia S60 (e.g. 6680, E60, E61, N73, E90, N91, N93, N95 etc.)
* Go to Tools >> Application Manager. Highlight 'Fone Shepherd'.
* Select 'Options' >> 'Suite Settings'.
1. Select 'Network access'. Set the settings to 'Ask first time'.

Device model: Sony Ericsson W series or K series (e.g. W660, W880, K800, K800i, K850)
* Go to File Manager >> Applications. Highlight 'Fone Shepherd'.
* Select 'More' >> 'Permissions'.
1. Select 'Internet access'. Set the settings to 'Ask once'.