Fone Shepherd Home
Fone Shepherd Home

$ 0.00
$ 1.95 *
$ 3.95 *
$ 7.95 *
Marker Retention
1 days
7 days
30 days
127 days
Min. Time between Markers
120 min
30 min
15 min
3 min
Advertising may be shown on Phone
Can set timeframes for logging
eg 9am to 5pm

* All prices shown are per month in USD $

Features Common to all Plans

Works anywhere in the world.
Manage unlimited phones on the one screen. Get a snapshot of where all your family members currently are.
See where all your family members were at any time in the past **
Set the frequency of sending your family members's position, from once per day to numerous times per minute.
Set which days/times you want their position sent. eg. prevent position sent during school hours.
Each family member can have their own login and buddies, to watch their movements
Depending on your needs, we have a plan to suit your requirements. If you only need infrequent location information, and you only need to keep the markers for 1 day, then the free plan is for you. Alternatively, our ultimate plan will record the phone's position many times per hour, which you can be viewed for up to 127 days.

** Assumes all phones were switched on, and the timeframe is within your account limitations